Wild and glamorous hairstyles inspired by Lisa Rinna

Wild and glamorous hairstyles inspired by Lisa Rinna

As one of the most famous TV hostesses and actresses in the US, Lisa Rinna has spawned many fans, and quite a few of them are women whom she sees as a role model in fashion and style. A key element in Lisa Rinna’s sexy looks is her hairstyle. She takes on all kinds of sexy, wild and glamorous hairstyles, all of which are suitable for medium and short haircuts.

Although she seldom took long haircuts, she usually had straight hair and soft, wavy curls. Her middle and short hairstyles are much more diverse. Even though you may be tempted to say that she has not made too many changes to her looks, Lisa Rinna has actually gone through some hairstyles.

For example, she has worn the choppy hairstyle, the chaotic and shaggy hairstyles and she even wore her hair curly or wavy a few times. Also the pixie cut and the smoothed back hairstyles were worn by Lisa with pride. It’s no doubt that she made all these hairstyles look sexy and glamorous. So if you are looking for a way to attract attention and improve your short or medium haircut, you should try some of these options.

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