Why you SHOULDN’T cut your hair

Why you SHOULDN’T cut your hair

I’m sure you know plenty of persons who tell you that hair needs to be cut often so it can stay healthy and that long hair is not better just because there’s more of it. Well, that can be true in some cases. However, I can tell you at least 3 reasons not to cut your hair.

The practical side of having long hair.

Before we go into other kinds of reasons, let’s stop and think a little about the practical side of having long hair. For example, when it’s cold outside, your hair will offer you protection and that’s a very good reason why you should keep it long at least until spring comes along.

Men prefer long hair.

Most men prefer long hair and this is a very good reason not to cut it off. Of course, if you already have someone to love you no matter how your hair looks like then, by all means, feel free to choose the look you like most.

It takes ages to grow it out.

You can always cut your hair, it’s true. However, once you did that, you’ll have to wait forever for it to grow long again. So unless you hate long hair for whatever reason, think at least twice before you cut your hair or you’ll most likely regret it at one point.