Why The Warehouse Apartment Look Is Still Cool

Why The Warehouse Apartment Look Is Still Cool

Converting former warehouses to living spaces really took off in the eighties although conversion developments, of this kind, go back further than that. In many major cities in North America and Europe the former use of warehouses, usually near to waterfronts, was no longer needed. By the mid eighties warehouse apartment living was the height of cool.

Open plan, spacious and in the heart of the city, warehouses became the urban living space of choice. There are some typical elements that make up the classic look of a warehouse apartment. Plenty of light, exposed services, such as extractor flues, and wooden flooring are usually to be found in a cool warehouse design. Add to that some indistinct room divisions and an open plan elevator and you will have the classic look down. Even if you don’t live in a former warehouse, you can still get the cool look with a few well thought out design cues.


Warehouse apartments make for the ideal blend of living and working spaces. This is because they don’t have the traditional divisions that you would find in a regular home. Devote some part of your warehouse apartment to a workshop or studio, where you can explore your creative side and get out of the space afforded by the apartment.

Open Plan Living.

Don’t be tempted to fill your living space with individual rooms and too many partitions. Keep the eye line clear to achieve the cool look. Make sure that your living area, in particular, is open plan. Keep your kitchen, seating area and dining space connected but in distinct zones. Reserve walls for your bathroom and sleeping quarters only. Don’t be tempted to install a false ceiling. Retain the original where you can, even if you expose cables and pipes, to make a feature of the apartment’s former life.


For the classic warehouse look, make the most of any windows you have in the apartment. If your natural light is only available from one side of the home, do not block it off in any way with partitioning. Make the space that is closest to the windows the main living area of your apartment. If you can, avoid using drapes or blinds. Allow the maximum light to flood in.

Free Form Shapes.

Where some break up of the apartment is needed, use partitioning that can be shifted around easily. Internal walls should be as flexible as possible. Divide off a work space, for instance, with a partition set at an angle. This makes the most of the flexible nature of your space. Use a wardrobe unit as a means of creating a wall without enclosing the whole bedroom space. Open plan living can still create individual zones without them having to be shut off from one another.

Double Height Style.

If any part of your warehouse apartment is double height, then make a feature of it and show it off to its best potential. If there is sufficient space, a mezzanine floor will not detract from the open plan look. However, it is best to leave at least some space at double height, so that you have some contrast.

White Walls And Wooden Floor.

For a cool looking warehouse apartment, stick to the design classic when it comes to décor. White painted walls set against exposed timberwork on the floor are tried and test and look great. Exposed brickwork is another simple and good finish. However, consider painting your bricks white to match other walls, if you have a combination of wall types.