What A Tattoo Says About You In Terms Of Placement And Symbolism

What A Tattoo Says About You In Terms Of Placement And Symbolism

What area did you choose for your first tattoo or where would you want it to be in case you don’t have any yet? This is an interesting question. It’s not easy to just pick a part of your body just like it’s not easy to pick a theme or a particular image or concept. You have to give it a lot of thought. And when you finally make a decision, that says a few things about you and your personality.

Tattoo placement

Neck tattoos are popular and bold. They’re great for those with long and slender necks and they’re perceived as being original. Because they’re generally out there for everyone to see, their visibility suggests that those who opt for this particular placement wish to stand out from the crowd.

Ear tattoos are unique and difficult to get right. That’s because they’re usually really small or really detailed. There are different portions of the ear you can get tattooed. The area behind the ear, around it and inside. These tattoos are quirky and original but also small and not exactly very bold. They suggest one wishes to stand out but not in a dramatic way but rather in a playful way.

Finger tattoos are interesting. On one hand, the fingers are always on display and there’s no way you can hide a tattoo in that area except maybe when you wear gloves in winter. On the other hand, finger tattoos don’t exactly stand out a lot. They’re flirty and fun but also subtle.

If you get a ribcage tattoo that says a lot about you. Basically, it means you’re bold and daring. Ribcage tattoos are edgy but they are also really painful. There’s definitely not for the shy and delicate types. They’re a great way to express your personality and it doesn’t necessary require you to stand out since you can easily hide the tattoo.

An extremely popular area to get tattooed on is the ankle. It has become a symbol of feminine charm. Because they’re so popular, ankle tattoos are not original. Also, the designs are usually kept simple and there’s not exactly a lot of symbolism to these tattoos.

If you want to stand out as a tough person, then get a half sleeve tattoo. These are no longer limited to bikers and rockers. They do, however, look better on a muscular biceps. But it’s difficult to find a single image or concept which could be displayed on this particular area so, usually, these are assortment of several different tattoos.

Tattoo symbolism

Butterfly tattoos are extremely popular all over the world. They’re especially popular with girls and women because they’re so delicate and cute. The butterfly has become a symbol of femininity and elegance. It also represents freedom.

Angels and fairies are also very popular. They symbolize purity and love and sometimes they’re correlated with Christianity. But fairies in particular also symbolize a world of fantasy and the desire to escape everything and to explore a completely different universe.

Cute and playful, star tattoos are really versatile. They can suit pretty much any part of body and they’re popular with both men and women. Some consider them a symbol of good luck, hope and ambition.

Rose tattoos symbolize love and affection and they’re mostly popular with women. The symbolism of the tattoo is closely related to that of the flower so, for example, a white rose denotes peace and purity, a red one signifies love and a black rose symbolizes death. But other more unusual colors can also be used.

But, of course, the biggest symbol for love remains the hearth. So hearth tattoos often show a person’s romantic side. They array of designs are basically infinite. A hearth can be combined with flowers, stars, music notes and all sorts of other things.