Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Don’t Use Flowers

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Don’t Use Flowers

Not all wedding centerpieces have to include flowers. In fact, they’d be a lot more interesting if they didn’t. But what other options are there? More than you imagine actually. For example, the next best thing would be to use succulents or tree branches in your centerpieces. You can arrange them in vases or planters just like flowers.

Another option is to use candles. Pillar candles are particularly versatile and a really great option for modern weddings. They’re simple, classy and can be used in numerous elegant ways.

You can also choose to decorate with fruits. For example, put fruits of different types, shapes and colors in transparent glass containers or organize them in bouquets if you wish to maintain the traditional look but with a modern and more unusual twist.

Feathers can also be used when creating the centerpieces for the wedding tables. They give the space a dramatic and theatrical look.

Then there’s also the option to create a themed wedding décor. If you’re having a beach wedding, decorate with shells. If it’s a rustic wedding, use fruits and vegetables. Or perhaps you’d like to come up with your own wedding theme. In that case, feel free to improvise and choose elements that inspire and define you as a couple.