Victorian Hairstyles That Revive A Glamorous And Elegant Era

Victorian Hairstyles That Revive A Glamorous And Elegant Era

The Victorian period had a great contribution in the fashion and beauty industries and inspired a lot of famous designs and looks. Victorian hairstyles are particularly famous for their elegance and intricacy. Ever wondered how you could get such a hairstyle nowadays or how you could adapt it for this particular period? Well, we may be able to provide a few answers to those questions.

First of all, let’s review some of the most popular Victorian hairstyles. The sugar curls were really popular back then and women got that look by using the hot iron to create curls in their hair. That doesn’t seem ok at all nowadays but lucky for us we have less dramatic tools we can use.

Other famous trends include the Marcel Waves hairstyle which was also obtained using the hot irons but in a different way. I guess you had to be there to understand how this works. Victorian braided hairstyles were also really popular and they took multiple forms including the braided ponytails or the braided up-do.

Although the way these hairstyles were obtained and their original look are outdated, their classic elegance allows them to be adapted and transformed to suit a modern lifestyle. Some Victorian hairstyles are actually really easy to adapt and even have their own modern versions such as the Gibson Girl hairstyle which became the loose bun or the Titus hairstyles which was similar to the more recent layered short hairstyles.

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