Undercut Undercut Hairstyle 2019

Undercut Undercut Hairstyle 2019

The smooth back undercut is probably the most stylish and popular style of the underfisted hairstyle. With its contrasting style playing on the “short side, long lace” haircuts, straight back hair offers the best of both worlds – a cool men’s hairstyle suitable for business professionals looking hot and sexy at the same time or in a party informal environment. The undercut on the sides can also be adjusted to your hair length and type, so that short or long undercuts are possible. If you want to try a smooth, undercut hairstyle and want to learn how to straighten your hair, this guide will cover all the information you need to get the cut and style.

Here are the best smooth undercut hairstyles for men. From traditional undercuts or undercuts on the sides to combing hair on the top, these are the most popular ways to style trendy short and long straight back cuts!

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

How To Get The Slicked Back Undercut

To get a slicked undercut, you need at least 3 to 5 inches of hair on your head. If you visit your local barber shop, you may want to request an undercut or faded undercut with a long layered top on the sides. You can even request a line up for a sharper look around the temples and forehead.

Slicked undercut with a thick beard

Also, because the smooth back cut is a very simple and versatile hairstyle. You can make the cut with just about any hair type or texture except curly hair. This means that the smooth back is well suited for thick, thin, smooth or straight hair.

After all, the best thing about any smooth back hairstyle is the incredibly simple hairstyle. Since the sides are so short, only the long hairs have to be styled up.

Long underlined hairstyle with low back

How to style painted hair

When styling smooth-combed hair is important to have a high-quality pomade and comb or brush. The type of hair tufts you choose depends on whether you want a strong or medium hold and a high gloss or matte finish. For wavy or thick hair, we recommend a firm grip pomade, and for a textured, natural finish, buy a matte styling product.

How To Styling The Slicked Back Undercut

For the best way to straighten your hair back:

  1. After showering, start with slightly damp hair.
  2. Take out a small amount of pomade with one or two fingers. Rub between hands and apply evenly in your hair. Start with less if you want a textured style, as you can add more and more product for a shiny, sleek finish later on.
  3. With a comb or a brush, you can comb back your hair. Start at the forehead and do long, gentle movements to the back of the head.

At this point you can opt for a classic or modern slick. The classic smooth back is modeled on the greasy hairstyles of the 1950s with a flat, strong hold and high gloss. The modern undercut back allows for more volume and a slightly messy, textured finish. To get the modern look, just use your fingers to style your hair back.

Classic Slicked Back Hair

Best Back Heads Hairstyles with Slicked Back

With so many variations of the slicked backcut, we decided to put together some of the best styles. Whether you have straight, wavy, thick or thin hair, here are the best hairstyles you can use for subdivided undercut hairstyles in 2019!

Long gone hair + Undercut Fade

Long Modern Rear Slicked Undercut

Short slick back + undercut

Smooth back hair with design

Structured combed back hair + high undercut

Best Backless Undercut Hairstyles

Long slick-back hair + shaved undercut

Long undercut for men with hair design

Long, smooth rump with back of the head

Long, textured, smooth back hair with a beard

Long, combed hind haircut with undercut

Men's Slicked Reverse-style

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Undercut Fade + Hard Part + Messy brushed back hairstyle

Thick, textured, straight back hair with full beard

Long slicked-back hair + long undercut + full beard

Undercut Slic ked back with a thick beard

Modern combed back hair + undercut + stubble beard

Thick textured hair with back undercut

Slick Back Haircut + Undercut Fade

Cool back hair with undercut hairstyle

Long rump with combed back

Long, combed rump with long hair

Back hair with undercut hairstyle

Bent-back hair with undercut hairstyle

Best hair care products for the smoothed back

The Best Hair The product for the back undercut depends on how you want to style your hairstyle. In general, the top products for undercut hair are pomades, waxes and creams. A strong high gloss pomade is ideal if you want to style a classic, smooth back hairstyle. The best pomades for men are from brands like Suavecito, Layrite and Baxter of California.

If you prefer a textured men’s hairstyle with a natural finish, you should use a hair wax. A good styling wax provides maximum control with a matte finish that makes your hair look thicker and fuller. For men who want more volume, movement and flow, we recommend the use of a styling cream. The perfect hair cream has a medium hold and a low or no shine.

Here are the best hair products for slicked undercut models

Best Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyles