Trend Alert: Chic Parisian Interior Accessories

Trend Alert: Chic Parisian Interior Accessories

Summer is the season of love and thus what better time to add some Paris inspired interiors into your home? J’adore the chic Parisian interior accessories cropping up all over the internet and in high street stores at the moment. By adding French inspired pieces to your home you create a romantic and exciting environment. If your home needs some TLC, then these accessories can definitely provide it…

Eiffel Tower Lamp with Black Shade.

This lamp is dazzling, dramatic and most of all unique. The clever design of the product ensures it captures the attention of anyone who walks into the room. This is definitely a statement accessory! Let this take prime position in your living room. It will bring glamour, love, promise and hope to your everyday environment; simply stunning.Available on site.

Vintage Pink Paris Collage Wall Clock .

This clock is simply magical; it brings together everything we know and love about Paris and cleverly combines it on the clock’s face. And let’s not ignore the beautiful rose colour of the clock. This enhances the romantic feeling that is already generated from the Parisian element.Available on site.

Monsieur Moustache Wall Art.

This piece of wall art is cool, quirky and contemporary. The moustache is a random source of inspiration yet it seems to be a huge trend this year; both in regards to interior design and fashion. This moustache inspired piece of wall art heightens the French feel with the incorporation of ‘monsieur’ which is how males are addressed in France.Available for £16.

Paris Quilt Cover Set.

This Paris Quilt Cover Set is ideal for anyone who dreams of meeting their prince charming and being proposed to at the top of the Eiffel Tower. You can have Paris inspired dreams every single evening, and you can make your room look fantastic in the process too. Take inspiration from this image and decorate with a selection of French inspired pillows and cushions as well.Available on site.

Bonjour Hand Stenciled and Distressed Wood Art Plaque.

Welcome your guests into your home in style with this ‘bonjour’ wooden plaque. Don’t say it, display it; this is a big trend for 2013. From wall stencils, to chalkboard accessories, to letter blocks, to indeed hand stenciled plaques; the trend for phrases and sayings is truly taking over. And ‘bonjour’ is a phrase anyone can understand!

Eiffel Tower Ooh La La Paris Vinyl Wall Lettering.

What was that I just said about lettering being popular? Well here is another example, yet this is a much more prominent and striking choice. This would look fantastic in a Paris inspired girl’s bedroom.Available for 33$.

Paris Romance Art Poster Print.

There is nothing like a beautiful piece of wall art to truly bring personality, energy and depth of emotion to your room. This piece of wall art is stunning. The use of black and white with one mere pop of colour is highly fashionable at the moment. We are seeing it utilised in everything from art pieces to music videos, so why not use it in your home?Available for 36$.