Top 10 Large Print Statement Wallpaper Designs

Top 10 Large Print Statement Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper has soared to the heights of interior design over the past few years. If you want to add the wow factor to your home you can do so with large print statement wallpaper. A stark accent wall can help to make a room look bigger, whilst an all over wallpaper can enclose the room and make it more homely.

1) Bloom Wallpaper.

Floral wallpaper is a safe bet; it never goes out of fashion. However, this wallpaper strays away from the norm with bright pops of colour and a contemporary twist. It is available from I Love Wallpaper for £8.48 per roll.

2) Time Wallpaper.

This old school wallpaper can turn a plain kitchen or dining area into a magazine worthy room. The gold metallic highlights truly give this print a show stopping edge. Buy yours from Wallpaper Direct for £52.00 per roll.

3) Cupcake Wallpaper.

The kitchen is the obvious choice for this wallpaper, nevertheless it certainly wouldn’t look misplaced in a little girl’s bedroom or nursery. The fun design incorporates scrumptious pastel shades; the perfect colour palette for spring. You can get this wallpaper for £20 per roll Graham & Brown.

4) Mustard/Gold Desire Wallpaper.

This damask print wallpaper embodies everything that is glamorous and opulent. If you want to turn your living room or bedroom into one that is fit for royalty then this wallpaper is the way to do it. The gold wallpaper is available for £22 from Debenhams.

5) VW Volkswagen Camper Van Scooter Wallpaper .

This trendy wallpaper is perfect for creating an accent wall. It is the definition of cool and quirky and is ideal for any automobile or vintage lover. You can purchase it for £7.48 per roll from I Love Wallpaper.

6) Forest Muses Wallpaper.

This sumptuous wallpaper is fantastic for any living room or dining room area. It is the perfect mix between vintage and contemporary. The pattern has a classic feel to it, whilst the bold colour choice is striking and modern. It is available from Graham & Brown for £60.00 per roll.

7) Dandelion Clocks.

Retro is an interior trend that will never be viewed as outdated, and this wallpaper plays perfectly into the retro feel. Not only does the pattern embody fun but so too does the pop of bright orange.

8) Sophia Green Striped Wallpaper.

Stripes are another popular interior trend. The great thing about vertical stripes in particular is that they can make a room with a low ceiling look a lot taller. Buy this Sophia Green wallpaper from The Range for £9.99 per roll.

9) Kaleidoscope Wallpaper.

If you are looking for something vibrant and eye-catching then this is the definition. This statement wallpaper can transform any room and bring it back to life.

10) Paseo Wallpaper.

This ornate wallpaper is captivating. Whilst it has an evident lavish quality to it, there is a slight Gothic undertone that makes it truly mysterious.