Tips for Romantic Chic Décor

Tips for Romantic Chic Décor

Romantic styled décor is always pretty, but it doesn’t only have to be feminine. There are many ways to make it ultra-modern and even masculine.Here are ways to play around with romantic chic in your home.

Neutrals Change the Game.

White furniture or décor can give the impression of a romantic idea, however it also works well for a shabby chic look because it is striking without being too perfect. Don’t be afraid to make things look a little messy or out of place. It gives the romantic look an extra, interesting layer.

The Use of Strong Colors.

The use of stronger, bolder colors can have a dramatic effect which works excellently against the floral prints or softer lines of the romantic chic décor style. This builds character in the room and also helps you in your quest of blending more than one style.

A More Rustic Feel.

Romantic décor works well if you also want to establish a more rustic style to your living space. For starters, it can work to tone down the rustic elements. For instance, if you have delicate neutrals or chandeliers, these items can work as a softening function against tough, bolder items such as wooden beams on the ceiling and wooden floors.

On the other hand, the use of romantic chic can be perfect for a cottage house décor. It works with the style instead of against it. As can be seen in the picture above, the use of elements such as floral patterns and pastel colors create a perfect cottage ambiance, even if you’re in the middle of the city!

Romantic Elegance.

Forget the thought that romantic chic is all about floral patterns, soft colors, and smooth textures. It can be brought into a room to make it more elegant, vintage or even masculine. This can be achieved with the use of items such as darker wood, sturdy furniture (think cabinets and armoires), as well as color palettes that include blue, grey and white.

Focus on Eye-Catching Items.

If you are blending two looks together, always focus on a few strong elements of each to make the final appearance powerful without being overwhelming. An easy way to blend the masculine and romantic looks is with a few strong décor items – yes, romantic chic can be masculine! As seen in the picture, a robust headboard and heavy work of art represent the masculinity of the room, but it is contrasted nicely with the purple beaded light fixture and textured throw on the bed.