Tiny House With 7 Split Levels And A 26 Sqm Footprint

Tiny House With 7 Split Levels And A 26 Sqm Footprint

A small footprint doesn’t necessarily translate into a small house. Of course, the house would have to have its own architecture in order to surpass the problems related to the lack of space.

This is a very small house. It has a footprint of only 26 square meters and this also includes a shop which is also part of the house. In order to offer enough space for comfortable living, it was divided into seven split levels.

A staircase is situated at the center of the house. It connects all the levels and ensures communication between then and between the functions of the house.

No spaces was wasted when planning the interior design, not even the area underneath the staircase. You can see how each little space has its own function and how they’re all connected.

With such a tiny footprint, there’s not much room anywhere no spaces like the living room or the bedroom don’t resemble the usual types.

In order to make the house seem bigger and more spacious, the interior is all featuring the same tupe of finish on the walls, floors and ceilings.

The kitchen is, as expected, tiny but it doesn’t lack storage space. A small island offers plenty of storage and there’s even more on the open shelves.

The unusual shape of the house can be seen from the interior as well. Notice how the windows and the internal layout were shaped to maximize the usable space and to increase functionality.

The sleeping area is at the top floor and is shared by all family members. Although there’s barely enough space for essential furniture, each level feels roomy and sufficient.

All interior surfaces are covered in plywood. The light shade combined with the white on the staircase result in an overall airy look.

The dining space is particularly charming. It’s very simple, with only a table and four chairs but it has light coming through openings on two sides.

Images Takumi Ota Photography