Tiffany Engagement Rings That Set The Standard In Brilliance

Tiffany Engagement Rings That Set The Standard In Brilliance

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co has carried the world’s most rare and brilliant diamonds, turning them into one-of-a-kind, stunning pieces of jewelry. The company was also the one to introduce the engagement ring as we know it, with the legendary setting they created n 1886.

Also known as “The King of Diamonds”, Charles Lewis Tiffany was the one who started it all when he brought amazing gemstones from Europe back in the 19th century. He founded the company who shares his name and turned it into a legend.

But it’s not just history that recommends the Tiffany engagement rings are being the most beautiful and brilliant of all. The company uses stricter diamond standards beyond the 4Cs which makes their creations extremely precise and always amazing.

Tiffany sets the standards for diamond excellence so if you decide to get one of their engagement rings you can be certain you’ll only get the best. It has become a thing of status to have Tiffany jewelry and since the engagement ring is already spectacular enough without coming from Tiffany, the statute only enhances with this detail.

Browse the collection to find mesmerizing designs that feature the most brilliant diamonds. Invest in quality and Tiffany won’t let you down because, as you know, the company stands behind each and every one of their products and offers lifetime warranty.