The Signs That Tell You A Guy Likes You

The Signs That Tell You A Guy Likes You

Whether you’re available or not, you can’t control the way others see you, look at you and think about you. So if a guy likes you, there’s nothing you can do about it until you actually know this fact. And since we’re talking about this, how exactly can you tell when a guy likes you. It’s simple really. You just have to be able to read the signs.

He has a sincere smile

When you like someone, you can’t keep smiles bottled inside so you unwillingly let them through. It should be easy to to tell whether a guy has a sincere smile or if he’s simply faking. If it’s the kind of smile that comes from the heart, that’s an obvious sign he likes you.

He’s mirroring you

Perhaps you’ve noticed this on some other occasion. When you like someone, you unwillingly start to mirror their body language, the way they walk, the way they talk, etc. if you see a guy that’s mirroring your movements, tone of voice or some other detail, you’ll know he likes you.

He touches you

Now don’t get any wrong ideas here. We’re talking about those cases when a guy finds pretexts to touch a girl, maybe give her a tap on the shoulder to tell her to move to the side even if that’s not necessary, when their hands touch trying to reach the same object, etc.

He laughs at your jokes

If you notice a guy laughing at your jokes, even if you know too well they weren’t that funny, it’s a clear sign the guy likes you and wants to be polite, to show you he thinks you’re funny, etc. It’s the same strategy girls often use.

He looks for your reaction

Ever noticed a guy that says or does something funny and then immediately after he looks at a girl to see if she’s laughing? Well, that means the guy is interested in the girls and wants to know if she pays attention to him as well.

He’s protective

When a guy likes a girl, he’ll start to act protective, maybe offer her his coat if it’s cold outside, wait with her till she gets a taxi, opens the car door for her, etc.

He introduces you to his friends

Guys don’t introduce just any girl to their friends. They only do this if they really like the girl. Guys value the opinion of their friends a lot and they’re quite serious about these encounters.

He makes plans for the future

A guy that starts to make plans for the future and includes you in them, whether it’s a voluntary thing or not, must actually like you and sees himself with you in the future.

He can’t stay mad

You can’t possibly stay mad at someone you like. So even if you’ve hurt his feelings or made a bad remark, he won’t stay mad for long if he likes.

He takes one last look

You know a guy likes if you see him take one last look at you before he leaves the room, even if it’s just for an instant and he’s busy or with a large group.