The Refurbished Asos Headquarters In London Has A Very Comfortable Vibe

The Refurbished Asos Headquarters In London Has A Very Comfortable Vibe

Located in London, this space is now the new headquarters of the online fashion retailer Asos. The company was originally situated on the second and fourth floor of the same building but it recently took over the bottom three levels in order to form a coherent office space. Given this change, the architects working on the project (MoreySmith) wanted to visually connect all the levels.

On the ground floor there’s a large Asos logo positioned above the reception desk and this immediately lets you know that you’ve stepped into a space wrapped in style. A new staircase then takes you to the upper floors. The wooden stair treads are decorated with pictograms that make reference to the labels from the shipping boxes the company uses. The offices also feature geometric motifs reminiscent of the fabric designs.

Now the company occupies more than double the space it did before, approximately 100,000 square feet. The headquarters now includes areas such as an event space, a press area, fashion-themed meeting rooms, offices and a coffee bar. It’s a space with lots of character, tailored after the company’s identity.

The space has a dynamic, modern and simple look and, at the same time, it has a very comfortable and inviting vibe. It’s a welcoming space for more than 1200 people. There’s a very nice balance between the professional and the cozy side of the interior design.

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