The Latest Trend For Modern Couples: The Wedding Ring Tattoo

The Latest Trend For Modern Couples: The Wedding Ring Tattoo

The wedding ring symbolizes the eternal love between those getting married, it’s traditionally made of gold and it’s usually placed on the fourth finger. But, when you think about it, if the meaning is purely symbolic nowadays, does it really have to be a ring to signify all that or can it be something else, like a tattoo for example?

The wedding ring tattoo has become a modern trend and couples prefer it instead of the traditional wedding band. A tattoo offers more options and more freedom than a wedding band because you can replace the traditional design with something personalized. It doesn’t even have to resemble a ring. It can be an initial, your wedding date, your signature or anything else that represents you as a couple. But freedom also brings limits. If the wedding ring can be taken off the finger, the tattoo can’t. This is actually more practical, because this way you know you’ll never lose it.

There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding on a wedding ring tattoo. It can be a design you can create yourself, each other’s initial’s in a font that you like, a shape or symbol you prefer and it doesn’t even have to be exactly where the ring usually is. You could tattoo something on the inside of the finger if you think it can get you in trouble at work or it can be big and bold if you want everyone to notice it.

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