The Inside Light Project Transforms A Loft Into Custom-Designed Home

The Inside Light Project Transforms A Loft Into Custom-Designed Home

The Inisde Loft project was developed by MODU and refers to the renovation of a three-bedroom loft.Located in New York in the TriBeCa neighborhood, the apartment has a floor plan with windows only at the front and the rear of the space so the big problem was bringing light into the center.

The most interesting element is the wooden geometric pieces in the living area
The dark middle section houses the kitchen so bringing light into this space was crucial. In order to do that, the architects used a rather unusual techniques.

They created a series of mirrored surfaces that reflect the light from the front and rear windows. The reflective surfaces thus solve the problem and they completely change the mood and atmosphere in the living area. Also, the entire space appears more open and bright.

The living area features a very interesting pieces, a cube-like structure which contains the fireplace and a series of storage spaces. The panels give dimension to the design. The kitchen has an island with a faceted wood exterior which mimics the lines of the cube.

To emphasize this openness the team also used translucent glass walls throughout the loft. As for the style and the interior décor, the apartment is eclectic. The exposed brick walls give the place a rustic and industrial feel while the custom-designed furniture features complex geometric designs for a modern and futuristic look.