The FickBoy haircut

The FickBoy haircut

Fuckboy hairstyles are some of the hottest hairstyles for men of the year 2018. Fuckboi or F Boy, Fuckboy hair can range from short to medium to long, but generally includes the cool short sides, longer top styles are in today Hair salons popular. And while a Fuckboy generally pretends to be a player or a ladies’ hero, Fuckboy hairstyles tend to be modern, clean-cut and extremely stylish. For that reason, boys should adopt a fuck-boi haircut despite the stereotype.

Whether you want a taper fade or undercut on the sides, paired with a quiff, comb, pompadour, faux hawk, side part, slick back, or other bad boy hairstyle for men, we recommend you take one of these sexy cuts and styles too to get. Check out this guide to find the best Fuckboy hairstyles.

Fuckboy haircut

Best FuckBoy hairstyles

Here are some examples of trendy fuckboy hairstyles.

Fade haircuts for men

Although Fade haircut is almost as long as barbers themselves, the taper-fade is still the basis for most men’s haircuts. This is a testament to how well faded look with so many different styles, offering a low maintenance, fresh cut that focuses the eyes on the styled hair on top.

Fuckboy fade haircuts

There are different types of fade haircuts to choose from, the cutting technique and finish is usually the same. To cut a fade, barbers will mix the hairs shorter or shorter on the sides and back of the neck.

There are high, medium and deep fades to determine where the rejuvenation begins. The high fade starts at the top of the sides and the back of the head and the deep fade starts directly above the ears and neck. Guys can also ask for a taper fade or skin fade, which tells the barber how short the fade is to trim.

Fuckboi Hairstyles - Taper Fade + Thick Backed Hair

If you need a more conservative business professional haircut, a low taper fade is your best bet. On the other hand, if you want a seriously bold cut with lots of contrast for an edgy hairdo, the high fade is much more noticeable.

In addition, the skin or baldness fade can provide a very aggressive finish to the hair in bare skin. And if you really want a rugged fuck-boi look, pair it with a thick beard. This combination of faded sides, medium to long hair up and a solid beard is basically the Fickboy starter pack.

Low Skin Fade with beard

Undercut hairstyles

The undercut is much like the fade, they are both cool short haircuts for men. The difference between fade and undercut is that the undercut, instead of fading the hair, covers the entire length of the sides and the back. As a popular hipster haircut, the undercut back could have been the original fuck-boy haircut.

Textured slick back undercut hairstyle for men

However, with a well-separated undercut and length at the top, guys can create some of today’s best styles, including the pompadour, quiff and comb. Undercut hairstyles work well for men with straight, thick hair, but also with wavy and curly hair, the trim can look good.

Undercut + Thick textured quiff at the top

Comb over

The comb is easily the most timeless men’s hairstyle. With so many ways to style a part, your hair and style comb about haircuts, guys really should look at this iconic look. Although the comb hairdresser used to be associated with balding men trying to cover thinning hair, the comb over the faded or undercut comb has completely changed that outlook.

Best comb over faded haircuts

In these cases comb can be styled with a shiny or textured finish. The classic look usually requires a strong pomade for a smooth styling, while the modern textured version is best achieved with a medium-hard, matte pomade or low-gloss wax.

Comb Over Fade

In addition, the comb can be ├╝berkront be styled differently. One is covered with a thick, well-defined part and all the hair on one side for a clean, structured look. The other is that the hair is painted over naturally for a more relaxed styling.

Comb over haircut

Ultimately, the comb hairstyle gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to create a lot of great styles – classic or modern. With mid-to-long hair on top, guys can quirle, pompadour, straighten their hair or spike it.


The quiff is a signature fuckboy hairstyle. The modern structured hairstyle is casual and relaxed, giving a relaxed atmosphere. Especially popular with younger men, it requires some care that gives the metrosexual stigma. However, the Quiff is more than worth the time to style.

Quiff + Low Taper Fade + Thick Beard

Only 3 to 4 inches of hair on top is all that is needed to create this voluminous style. You can hide the pages or keep them all one length. The choice is yours, but remember that the shorter the pages, the more dramatic the quiff.

High Taper Fade + Long Textured Modern Quiff

To style the quiff, simply use a wax hair product if you would like a textured, natural look or a pomade for a smooth, shiny finish. Apply the styling product while your hair is still moist, then brush your hair back (or use your fingers if you have natural waves or curls) and blow-dry it, paying particular attention to the hairs on the roots , This gives your cowl its unmistakable buoyancy.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hairstyles never really go out of fashion. Smooth back hair is ideal for those who want a touch of the “bad boy” image without taking things to the extreme, like a mohawk with shaved sides. Some versions of the slick are certainly Fuckboy hairstyles, and the one that stands out most is textured brushed hair.

Slicked back fuckboi hair

Hairstyling wax, clay or even mousse will help you achieve the natural flow and volume you are looking for; otherwise a pomade is perfect for the more retro, smoother back style.

Slick Back Undercut

The best part of this Fuck Boy Cut is the fact that it’s easy enough to take from business to pleasure with nothing more than a brush and your favorite product. Slip back with a wax that gives moderate shine during the day, then work in the evening in a small pomade at the roots for a strong hairstyle. Anyway, you’re sure to look great.

Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is a fresh version of the mohawk and prickly hair. Also known as the fohawk, the haircut is versatile and stylish, but less dramatic than the traditional shaved-sided Mohawk. The best version of the style is the Fohawk Fade, with the short sides emphasizing the thick hair above. The Hawk Hawk Hairstyle requires at least 2 to 3 inches of length, which you can choose to spike any way you want. The styling on the top can be narrow or wide, but the sharper the hair at the top, the bolder the falcon will look. Skin Fade Faux Hawk with a thick beard

Hawk hairstyles are also very flexible because the longer length allows the guys to change their style. From roughened hair to a long pony to a messy hairstyle, men have a number of options. Similarly, using the right pomade, wax or cream can be very helpful here, but be sure to choose one with the right level for the best results.

Faux Hawk Fade

Best Hair Styling Products For Men

To style the best Fuckboy hairstyles, you must have the best hair products for men. Choosing a good styling product depends on how you want to style your hair. For example, a guy styling a smooth back with wavy hair has different needs than a teenager who wants to wear a textured pompadour. In addition, men must balance between hold, shine, fragrance, ingredients, ease of use and washability.

Here are the top rated pomades, waxes, clays and creams on the market.

Get A Cool FuckBoy Hairstyle

Whether you want to embody the Fuckboy lifestyle or not, the top men’s haircuts can revolutionize your look and feel. Trendy styles and styles not only help you to be noticed, but also give you the confidence to use your potential. For more hair ideas and inspiration before your next visit to the barbershop, check out the best hairstyles for men!