The Difference Between Bonded Leather And Genuine Leather

The Difference Between Bonded Leather And Genuine Leather

If you have decided to buy leather furniture for your home than you should know that it’s not going to be an easy process. As you may already know, there are several different types of leather and also leather-like materials. It’s not always easy to differentiate between these types as the terminology varies and several terms may be used to describe the same type of leather. A first and rather easy step in overcoming this difficulty would be to learn how to differentiate between genuine leather and bonded leather.For that you would have to know what bonded leather actually is, how to recognize it and some other characteristics.

What is bonded leather.

Bonded leather can be described as a series of several pieces of leather that are joined together with adhesive. Only the back of the fabric is actual leather while the other side is also covered with polyurethane. A similar material also exists and it’s called bycast leather but that one is just made of leather pieces covered with polyurethane.

The history of bonded leather.

Bonded leather first started being used by furniture retailers in 2007. Avoiding customer misconceptions about the quality of this type of leather turned out to be a challenge. Nevertheless, the fact that bonded leather was sold at only 2/3 of the price of genuine leather was important and determined its popularity as an alternative.

The advantages that come with bonded leather furniture.

One of the main benefits when choosing bonded leather furniture instead of genuine leather furniture is, of course, the price. But there are also other benefits, one of them being related to recycling. Bonded leather is made up of leather scraps that can’t be used for anything else so it’s also a form of turning something useless into profit.

Types and terminology.

Bonded leather is very different from genuine leather so, to avoid confusion, a new terminology had to be created specifically for this type. Still, the terminology may differ as some major manufacturers prefer different names for bonded leather, such as DuraHide Plus, Nupelle, UltraHide or polyvinyl PVC composite.


When bonded leather first appeared on the market it was in the form of promotional products. But the advantage presented by its price has quickly made it a popular alternative for genuine leather. Still, there are some characteristics to take into consideration. For example, the durability is not the same as for genuine leather. Bonded leather doesn’t have the same strength.