The coolest hairstyle trends of catwalks

The coolest hairstyle trends of catwalks

Having a haircut that deserves attention is not an easy task, but not impossible. Runway hairstyles are the most talked about. The stylists give their models the sharpest and most catchy styles imaginable. But these iconic looks can be transferred from the road to the slopes. Well, the catwalks were full of pigtails, ponytails, effortless beach waves, and today we’ve collected some of the coolest hairstyle trends from catwalks.

Simple Half Bun

We have seen this beautiful half to half down bun at Victoria Beckham. The effortless chic of this style makes the look even more desirable. Believe it or not, this minimalist style is one of the best designs on catwalks. Any woman can copy the look as it is absolutely effortless. In fact, accessories will take your look to the next level.  Side Parted Hairstyle

Side Partings are like nothing else. This time it’s done in a effortless cool girl wave. The advantage of the style is that it does not require any special styling skills. Whether you have curls, waves or straight curls, simply sweep your hair aside with a movement of your fingers and your runway-inspired hairstyle is ready. The beauty comes from a natural L-look effect. Side Parted Hairstyle Slicked back hairstyle

Ultra-glossy back curled hair was in vogue for another season at Pucci. This serious hairstyle is perfect for business ladies. It requires a generous amount of hair gels in all your locks and then comb back. The headdress will look twice as good with statement earrings. Create your evening look with this cheeky back hairstyle.  Game of Thrones Inspired Braided Hairstyle

Give your imagination free rein and create a unique braided hairstyle like this one. All you have to do is find out the technique. The most inspiring Game of Thrones hairstyle is shown below. It’s about several braids that go from one side to the other. Tufts of hair are handy to make the braids even more impressive.  Oversized pigtail hairstyle

If you talk about the slopes, you will think of first extravagant hairstyles. Here is a sophisticated and extreme hairstyle for you. It’s an oversized braid accessorized with floral hairpins. The headdress was created by Phillip Plains stylists. It is possible to bring the hairstyle on the street. Hair extensions are the patterns that are useful if you want to get an oversized braid like this one.