The best hairpieces for men

The best hairpieces for men

Men’s hair highlights are making a big comeback. Although blonde highlights for men have always been in fashion, guys with highlights ranging from blond to brown to red to white style some of the hottest hairstyles in 2018. As you experiment with cool hair colors, your look, the best dyed hairstyles, will not completely change can make you stand out in the crowd and get away from a boring haircut. This is especially true for men’s highlights for black hair, as the contrasting color styles can really make the look a bang.

The best part is that highlights can be applied to all hair lengths, types and textures, so guys with a lot of care curly, wavy or thick hair will not have a problem getting their hair dyed. Whether you are considering light brown or blonde stripes, blonde tips on brown hair, bright red highlights or other trendy hair color ideas and combinations, you should read our guide below. We’ve put together the coolest hairstyles for men and boys with highlights so you can imagine what your hair will look like before dealing with hair dye.

Hair clips for men

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19659005] While there are many hair color highlights to choose from, the most popular dyed hairstyles in 2018 are more concerned with appearing with a natural look, rather than forcing strange colors that go against the texture and flow of your hair. While boys can always choose bright colors to jump on the Merman trend, the sexy highlights for men emphasize certain layers and textures of lighter-colored hair.

Remember that highlights are not the same as hair dyes. The highlights of the men should complement your natural tone. For example, blond strands for dark hair can focus attention on your layered hairstyle, while the platinum blonde hair is really a style in itself.

Now we explore some blonde, brown, silver, platinum, gray and white highlights on black, brown and blond hair to find the best colors for you!

Blonde highlights for men

Blonde highlights for dark hair

Blonde highlights on dark hair look good when done well. The long, textured, smoothed hair with a high threading effect and the lateral lines is complemented by the contrast between the blond and darker hair colors.

Blonde highlights for dark hair

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19659010] If you have dark brown hair and want a natural look, we recommend light brown highlights for a style that does not look artificial.

Blonde tips for brown hair

Silver hair on black hair

Another version of highlights on black hair gets stripes of silver. This picture shows silver hair tresses on the edge. Normally, you would not really notice that the pony is brushed back in thick strands, but the silver attracts your attention.

Silver hair highlights for men

Brown hair with blond highlights

If you crave brown hair with blond highlights, this example is beautiful. With thick, medium-length hair that looks messy on top and a full beard, you can not go wrong with this subtle, sun-soaked look.