The advantages of choosing contacts over glasses

The advantages of choosing contacts over glasses

Both glasses and contact lenses have their pros and cons and they differ from case to case. So before you choose one over the other, make a list and see what suits you best. There are a few things that, in my opinion, make contacts a better choice. For example, they don’t get all scratched up. No matter how careful you are with your glasses, at some point the lenses get damaged and they look awful.

One of the biggest disadvantages of wearing glasses is that you don’t were sunglasses on top of them. It’s a big inconvenient which makes contacts seem like a beautiful dream. The same thing goes for the 3D glasses you have to wear in the cinema. Also, although glasses help you see better, they also limit your view. The world seems much larger when you take them off and put contacts instead.

Another nice thing about contacts is that they allow you to wear makeup and they allow everyone else to see it. Don’t hide your beautiful eyes behind glasses. It’s true that there are glasses which can actually make your eyes look more beautiful but contact lenses can do that too, not to mention that they actually change the color of your eyes in case you prefer another shade. There’s another another thing I really hate about glasses: I can’t see anything around me when it’s raining. That for me is a very good reason to switch to contacts. But this may not be the case for you so think carefully before making a choice.

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