Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Animal-inspired décor, such as in the case of animal prints or faux furs, can be an interesting theme for certain rooms in the home. Here is how to use animal inspiration without it looking cheap.

Avoid Overkill.

Décor trends point to the fabulousness of using animal print in décor, but warn that it should be injected in small doses in your home. Too much animal print and you’ll feel like you’re on permanent safari! The good news about using animal print is that although it is currently trendy, it never really goes out of style.

Combine Different Prints.

You might think that if you’re going to add leopard or zebra print into your home you should only use that one print. But this is a myth! Combining more than one type of animal print in a room can really stand out and create original style. Go for gold with contrasting patterns and colors.

Target Your Upholstery.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to using animal prints in your home, focus on your upholstery. Chairs, rugs or ottomans with a splash of animal print are an easy way to update a room. If they’re in classic colors, such as a black-and-white combination, they will become classic additions to your living space.

Create Camouflage.

Combine the animal print of your choice with your décor colors. So, if your room is focused on neutral colors, a light shade of animal print can be a great accessory. This is a subtle yet effective take on the animal print trend without it becoming too harsh. Some of the trendy colors to use in home décor this year include orange and yellow, which are associated with the sun’s warmth and work wonderfully with animal print.

Chameleon Colors!

On the other hand, animal prints can be colorful and bright! Tiger prints, for example, can include white, black and yellow in their patterns, which contrast beautifully with pastels.

Red might not be a color you would associate with animal prints, but it can be a more dramatic and elegant finish in a room. Add a lick of gold to the rest of your room’s décor and you’ll have a magical African-inspired feeling right at home.

Explore Other Patterns.

We’ve discussed how various combinations of animal prints can work together, but what about using animal print and a totally different kind of print, such as floral? This blending can also work, but just make sure that you keep the rest of the room’s décor minimal.

Animals on the Wall.

Animal wallpaper is another easy way to bring a bit of the wildlife into your home. It’s easy to apply and looks great, but avoid covering up all the walls in a room with it. Stick to one wall to give it growl.

Fur Furnishings.

Faux fur in the home can be a fun way to create wildlife wonder. It brings subtle luxury and glamour to the home. The bedroom is a perfect place to test the theory, with a ravishing bedspread or trendy rug.