Summer Themes For A Guest Room Makeover

Summer Themes For A Guest Room Makeover

Even if you don’t have guests coming to stay with you over the entire summer, preparing your guest room for the warmest season is not a bad project to undertake before the weather gets too hot. Summer is the season when nature is full of vibrancy and life. So, bring this sense of the season into your guest room for the best makeover results.

Summer Flowers.

One of the very simplest ways of making your guest room’s décor looking as good as new is to add some summer flowers to the look. Without having to change any of your color choices of furniture, a simple vase of flowers next to the bed will do the trick.

If your room is not decorated with summer colors, such as gray or brown, then choose plain white flowers in a glass vase. Violets and reds will warm up a whitewashed bedroom.

Vibrant flowers can bring a room’s color coordination together well. Cushion covers and furniture upholstery will work together with a well chose posy of flowers placed centrally in the room. And for a subtle touch, try individual and delicate flowers placed in a row, together.


When high summer comes around the sun is high in the sky. Reflect this light in your guest room’s design with a sunburst. Sunburst light fittings are good when suspended from the ceiling, as are sunburst mirrors, placed centrally behind the bed’s headboard. As an alternative, try two sunburst mirrors, one either side of the bed. Sunbursts can make for pleasant wall features that set off a cabinet top displays to perfection.

Summertime Wall Treatments.

If you have a little more time on your hands, try a new wall treatment for your guest bedroom that announces the arrival of summer. A floral inspired mural is a great place to start. And you can always paint over it if you are not satisfied with the results. If your have mural on one wall of the room, a good tip to integrate it with the other surfaces is to use stencils elsewhere.

For a kids guest bedroom go for a mural that is more graphical and perhaps one that runs over two walls, or even the ceiling. A simpler approach to take is to give the walls of your room a brighter color, such as a zesty yellow.

Floral Linen.

As summer is so much about blooming flowers, reflect this in your choice of linen. Floral linen can sometimes appear to be a bit old fashioned. For an up to date look, opt for large, bold prints that are not excessively busy. Duvet covers and pillows should have the same look, but break it up with some plain linen, too.

Mix and match different types of floral print, if your tastes extend to eclectic design work. A well placed mirror will focus the eye on any new floral linen you have used for the summer period.

Shade Makers.

Don’t forget that guest rooms need to be cool in the summer. Ensure that your skylight windows have adequate blinds to cut out unwanted rays. A neat makeover tip is to install a Roman blind in the same material as your choice of bed cover. And for rooms with lots of windows, Venetian blinds can offer the best flexibility between black out and inward light flow.