Stylish jewelry alternatives for people with metal allergies

Stylish jewelry alternatives for people with metal allergies

Although this may seem like a strange type of allergy, metal allergy is actually quite common and it can be very annoying. You can’t wear regular jewelry, not even your wedding band. But this doesn’t mean you should give up wearing jewelry altogether. There are lots of other options to explore.

For example, how would you feel about wearing leather. Leather bracelets can be very chic and they can complement almost any kind of outfit. Also, it’s perfect for both men and women.

If you prefer something a little more feminine and sleek, how about glass. It’s usually not anyone’s first choice but it can be a great alternative if you can’t wear metal jewelry. Also, glass jewelry comes in many beautiful designs.

In case you insist on feeling the metal touch your skin or if you simply like the way metal jewelry looks, there’s one more alternative: hypoallergenic or nickel free jewelry. It allows you to wear the beautiful jewelry you love without any risks.

There are also numerous other materials you can consider. For example, try seashells for a casual and breezy look or wood for a more traditional and eco-friendly look. You can also choose to wear thread jewelry which may seem like the cheap option but it can be quite glamorous-looking.