Stylish DIY Dresses

Stylish DIY Dresses

It’s easy to get bored with a dress, especially when you had something a little different in mind when you bought it. Also, it’s difficult to find something that suits your exact preferences. It’s why sometimes you need to add a few touches to a dress to make it perfect or maybe even to make a dress from scratch. Here are a few ideas you might like.

For example, if you have a dress and you like its shape and design but you’re not that crazy about the color, that can easily change. Just dye the dress and enjoy it even more.{found on site}.

Here’s how you can make an everyday knit dress. First draw the pattern pieces and then sew them all together. Make the button tabs and the dress is all done. It takes a little bit of time but the results are great.{found on seriouscraft}.

You can also give a simple dress a makeover and make it more interesting-looking. For example, you can add fringes. You can sew the fringe over the entire dress or you can only add it to the bottom part only. If you want more than one layer, mark with a pin the distance.{found on site}.

A pillowcase does not exactly have a flattering shape but you can make it look amazing. Here’s how you turn a pillowcase into a dress. Pull a ribbon through the top and make the straps. Tie a bow and that’s all. You can also tie something around your waist if you want.{found on krugthethinker}.

Another cute idea is to turn a t-shirt into a lovely summer dress. Measure how long you want the skirt to be and cut a strip of fabric. Cut open the side seams and then pin and sew a hem. Sew 2 parallel stitch lines along the cut edge of the skirt and sew the skirt to the t-shirt.{found on site}.

You can also make a dress from scratch if you have a pattern that you like. You have to cut out all the pieces and put them together like a puzzle. It’s easier to make the dress look nice if you use a geometric pattern. This way the lines don’t have to be perfect.{found on scaredstitchless}.

You can basically use any pattern if you think the dress will look good on you. This way you can copy dresses you really like on the internet and it shops and adjust them as you want. Use any type of fabric you want and combine your favorite colors.{found on tidytipsy}.

A large men’s shirt can be creatively turned into a lovely dress. Cut off the sleeves or make them short and cut off the collar as well. If the shirt isn’t long enough to be a dress, use the fabric from the sleeves to make it the right length.{found on site}.

And here’s another lovely summer dress that was made from scratch. You can use a dress that you usually wear as a pattern and cut out the pieces out of the fabric you like. Sew the pieces together, make the straps and add the finishing touches.{found on whiletheysnooze}.