Stylish African-American Bob Hairstyles That Flatter Darker Skin Types

Stylish African-American Bob Hairstyles That Flatter Darker Skin Types

Since we’re all different, it’s natural for some types to have trouble finding the right hairstyle or makeup for example. Things get a bit difficult especially when you have darker skin because you need to find the right balance. You should also base your choices on your unique conformation and face features. Usually, when searching for a flattering hairstyle, it’s easier to just start with the bob simply because it’s extremely versatile.

But watch out because there are several different types of bobs. Let’s just start by saying that a blunt bob haircut will flatter those of you with big or wide foreheads. The hairstyle got its name from the blunt bangs.

The U-shaped classic bob is also an excellent solution. It can be styled in a lot of different ways and suits pretty much any face and type. You can style it in a sleek way for a look suitable for the workplace or you can go crazy and give it a ton of volume if you want to party.

A layered bob haircut would also suit you and a slightly different option would also be a chopped bob. They both share one thing in common: they both have layers and the different is the way these layers are created.

The inverted bob is pretty much the opposite of the classic U-shaped bob. The hair is longer at the sides and shorter at the back and this is one of most popular hairstyles anywhere in the world. It’s super versatile and you can make it look professional or edgy and fun, depending on the occasion.

And if you prefer something even edgier, try an asymmetrical bob and play with angles. And don’t forget about color! The right shade can completely change your look.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways in which you can make a bob haircut work but maybe the biggest advantage of all is that a bob haircut also looks awesome if you have curly hair or even a perm.