Striking medium long hairstyles for round faces

Striking medium long hairstyles for round faces

Best known medium length hairstyles for round faces are Bobs / Lobs and the layered hairstyles. These plants offer the richest styling options that are beneficial for women with round faces and always on trend. According to hair stylists, the excellent length for round-faced women would be up to the shoulders or a bit longer. This beautiful hair length tends to lengthen the face. You can still cover your face with pony or not. Continue reading to see some eye-catching round-face hairstyles.

Hairstyles for round faces

Medium Pastel Pink Bob

This pink is already an outstanding shade, but the cut itself is also beautiful. It is an angled bob styled with a voluminous side brush to show the gradation of the layers and their shaved ends. Let’s just admit that layered hairstyles have never been so beautiful and feminine. Consider it for yourself if you have the same texture and face shape. Medium Pastel Pink Bob Wavy hairstyle for round surface

Medium haircuts for round surfaces features vertical and diagonal lines. This hairstyle is on medium side hair on the longer side. It’s a fabulous option for those who do not want to lose too much of their locks. Apart from the fact that the locks get a feminine touch, medium waves tend to make the face a bit longer. In fact, this hairstyle can be a solution for you. Wavy hairstyle for a round face Blue medium-length hair

Mermaid castles do not have to be very long. Even with medium strands you can look at a mermaid. This beautiful hairstyle has a medium length, shaved cut with shaggy ends. These striking waves are reminiscent of stormy waves. All kinds of asymmetrical plants and side sweeping styling makes the look fuller. This color definitely adds an edgy touch to the style. Blue mid-length hair Straight Blond Bob

In fact, you may think that teasing your hair will make your face wider, but that’s not about this bob. It makes the face a bit longer. In addition to the cut, a refined hair color brings things a bit higher. If you have a round face, you do not have to think twice before getting this hairstyle. When it comes to color, consider your complexion. Straight Blonde Bob Blunt Bangs and Waves

Well, watching over bangs are not a good idea for women with round faces, but when you ask for some light shifts you will achieve a sassy haircut that complements round faces. Just take this statement hairstyle that looks even better in a rich shade of gray. Blunt Bangs and Waves