Stiletto Nails – Stylish Weapons That Always Make A Statement

Stiletto Nails – Stylish Weapons That Always Make A Statement

Stiletto nails are definitely not for everybody. It takes someone with a bold and daring personality to make them look awesome, otherwise they’ll just seem awkward. And whether you love them or hate them, you can’t ignore the fact that stiletto nails make a strong statement. Let’s review some of the designs to choose from as well as some of the characteristics stiletto nails present.

Since they’re sharp and pointy, you can choose to enhance these characteristics with certain types of designs. For example, try a French manicure variation and paint the tips of the nails a contrasting color. You can try a black and white combo or something different that showcases your bubbly personality.

There’s no doubt about it, intricate patterns and interesting designs look better on long and pointy nails. So try a graphic design or something abstract or maybe you’d like a themed design.

There’s also the option to choose a plain and simple design. Any color you choose, it will make your stiletto nails stand out and will enhance their form.

It’s easy to fall in love with stiletto nails but don’t overlook all the challenges that come with them. Watch out because you could really hurt someone with those things. They’re gorgeous weapons so learn how to use them.