Stand out In The Crowd With An Awesome DIY Clutch Bag

Stand out In The Crowd With An Awesome DIY Clutch Bag

Clutches are very chic and they’re also quite versatile. You can wear then with casual outfits, elegant dresses and even with a more sporty outfit. In case you never thought about it, you can make your own clutch bag. Similarly, you can give your clutch a makeover to make it more you.

Give your clutch bag a festive, 4-th of July-themed look by painting a red, white and blue striped design on it. All you need is tape and paint. Paint the stripes, remove the tape and let it dry.{found on prettyplainjanes}.

You can make a clutch is no more than 5 minutes. You need a placemat, thread, a needle and any kind of close. Fold the cloth, sew the two sides, sew a close and a fastener and you’re done. You can choose any color you want.{found on 2ndfunniestthing}.

This one is made of cotton and leather and it’s an easy project even for a beginner sewer. Cut the pieces to size, iron and fold and then start sewing. Sew a button and a cord on and the project is complete.{found on iwearthecanvas}.

This one is great both as a clutch and as an iPad case. First cut patterns according to the measurements and then spray paint one of the pieces. Attach a button stud and sew the pieces together. Cut a small slit over the button stud and that’s all.{found on site}.

Something as simple as a golden stripe on your clutch can give this accessory a completely new look. Make sure you use tape as not to paint more than you have to. Then remove the tape and let the paint dry.{found on ispydiy}.

If you want a chic clutch for a special occasion and not to keep, then you could make one out of paper. It’s a great way to stand out with something unique. Follow the pattern and the indications and have fun. Make sure you don’t overload the clutch.{found on behindseams}.

Stripes are easy to paint on anything and they can really give a fresh look to an old clutch bag. Use tape to delimitate the areas that need to be painted and, if you want to use more than one color, paint the stripes one at a time.[found on handbagheaven}.

This is an interesting clutch bag that works well with casual outfits and even with a sporty look. It’s made of fabric and it has a nice ethic look. You can make it any size you want.{found on swellmayde}.

This type of leather clutch is very easy to make. You just need a piece of soft leather in any color you want. Cut a rectangle and sew a zipper on after you’ve sewn the sides together.{found on site}.

With a little creativity or with the things you can find in the house you can make all sorts of beautiful things. For example, you can make a clutch from a combination of leather and fabric and you can choose any colors and patterns you like.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Here’s how you make a fabric folded clutch bag. First sew the zipper to the zip binding fabric. Fold the binding fabric in 3 equal parts and crease, then secure the folds. Do the same thing for the other end of the zip. Then sew the zipper to the fabric and the lining and sew the edges.{found on thefashioncarousel}.

This bow clutch is also very chic and making it is not that difficult. You just need to cut the fabric and the lining to size, sew the zip on, then sew the edges. Don’t forget to add the bow before you sew the edges together. Either make it from the same type of fabric or from something different.{found on elmstreetlife}.