Stacked Hairstyles That will Adapt To Any Face And Smile

Stacked Hairstyles That will Adapt To Any Face And Smile

Extremely popular and more versatile than any other type, stacked hairstyles will make any face look gorgeous regardless of the style, the length of the hair or the color. But let’s get one thing straight: stacked hairstyles and layered hairstyles are not the same thing. Although they’re both based on layers, they showcase them in different ways. Stacked hairstyles feature much sharper layers which they often emphasize in dramatic ways.

Defining the stacked hairstyle.

Popular types.

There are several different types of stacked hairstyles. Some of the most popular ones include the stacked bob, stacked ponytail and stacked under-cut. Aside from the fact that these hairstyles are really easy to style up and don’t require a lot of maintenance, they also suit pretty much anyone and can be adapted to a person’s face to highlight their best features.

How you can take advantage of this versatility

Given how many celebrities have adopted stacked hairstyles, we can safely agree that this style is extremely versatile and easy to personalize.

Pick a stacked hairstyle if you have short hair and want it to be easy to style and to manipulate to create different looks without getting a haircut. Short stacked hairstyles, for example, let you look romantic, quirky, playful or elegant, depending on the context and all you have to do is use the right products.

A stackable bob is super easy to style in the morning. And if you add some layers in the front to frame your frame then you can be sure you’ll look awesome with very little effort.

The pixie cut can be tricky to wear right but if you style it properly you’ll definitely stand out. A classic pixie looks quirky and edgy and, at the same time, professional so it’s an appropriate look for the workplace as well as for casual occasions.

If you’re not a big fan of short hair, then consider some of the other options. Straight hair looks really neat and put together even if it’s in layers and with a layered hairstyle you also have the option to change your look if you want to try something different from time to time.

Go for a medium-length stacked bob with the front layers longer than those at the back lets you combine two different styles and looks in one: classy and chic in front and fun and quirky at the back. It’s the perfect combination if you want to add a more modern and playful twist to a classical look.

And then there’s also the color matter. Stacked hairstyles can adapt to any color or color combination and, in fact, if you have lightings or ombre hair, you can even create some really interesting visual effects with such a hairstyle.