Spontaneous Things To Do Before You Get Too Old

Spontaneous Things To Do Before You Get Too Old

Being young and adventurous is fun but it doesn’t last forever. There comes a time when you feel like you’re getting boring and you want to do something spontaneous but you don;t really have any idea. We have just the thing you’re looking for: a list of fun and spontaneous things to do as an adult.

Get a daring haircut! I’m sure you’ve often found yourself in front of the mirror thinking how you’d look with short hair or with locks. Maybe it’s time to find out. You can also try a daring new color for your hair, like green, blue or pink.

Get a tattoo! Not a fan of big, bold tattoos? This doesn’t mean you should stay away from anything that has to do with them. Dare get a tattoo, even if it’s a small one somewhere where you can see it. Maybe you could do this as a couple.

Get a piercing! If a tattoo seems like a risky step to take, try instead a piercing. There are lots of different types to choose from. For example, a tongue piercing can be fun and it’s also one that heals quickly. If you want the other to see it too, try a lip ring, an eyebrow piercing or something else.

Take a trip! You can try something less permanent. For example, take a spontaneous trip. It can be super fun. Gather a bunch of friends and go visit a different city, stay overnight or come back the same day.