Sparkling Ideas For A Silver Winter Wedding

Sparkling Ideas For A Silver Winter Wedding

Having trouble deciding on a theme or a color for your winter wedding? How about silver? It’s a perfect choice for winter weddings and there are lots of ways in which you can incorporate it into the event. For example, you could wear a sparkling silver wedding dress or a white dress with silver accents. It’s not exactly traditional but that’s the point: to make you stand out and to give you the attention you deserve on this special day.

There are also lots of other ideas you can use. You could have silver accessories such as sparkling shoes, bracelets and everything else. Then there’s also a bridal bouquet. It gives you a perfect opportunity to create a theme using silver. Try coating the flowers in silver glitter or try something less traditional such as artificial flowers.

Silver can also be incorporated throughout the wedding in all sorts of great ways. You could have silver centerpieces on the tables. An idea is to coat branches in glitter and to display them in transparent vases. You could also have wedding favors featuring the same glowing color. Of course, you don’t have to exaggerate with this color.

A few accent details are enough to make your wedding unique. The rest can be any color you want. Silver goes well with numerous shades, including white, gray, blue, red, green and even black. Feel free to experiment and choose the combination you like best.

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