Small Attic Apartment In A Former Factory With An industrial Charm

Small Attic Apartment In A Former Factory With An industrial Charm

At one point part of an old factory, this space later became an apartment. As it often happens in these cases, there’s still some of the original character left, deliberately preserved by the designer. The apartment has an overall modern interior, with maybe just a little bit of rusticity.

With a total surface of only 39 square meters, this place is not exactly spacious. Then there’s also the fact that it’s a penthouse apartment and some of the walls are barely usable. But, even so, there’s enough room for all the essentials. The kitchen shares an open floor plan with the living room and includes a bar which may also very well serve as a dining area.

The exposed bricks which define the living space can also be seen in the bedroom where they only cover one of the walls. It’s a nice way of adding depth to the space while also making the area feel more comfortable.

The cast iron stove is an eye-catching feature. Between the overall modern décor and some of the industrial-rustic elements, the stove fits right in.

The most functional areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom are perhaps the most modern-looking. Although small, the bathroom is not exactly cramped. The glass shower unit maintains transparency throughout.

There are a number of strategically-chosen decorations in this place. They bring together the styles and influences used throughout the apartment and have that neutral charm which doesn’t let the décor feel either too masculine or too feminine.