Small Apartment With Lots Of Character And Contrasting Details

Small Apartment With Lots Of Character And Contrasting Details

Designed by Natalia Akimov, this apartment doesn’t seem that impressive when you first analyze the floor plan. However, sometimes the interior décor can surprise you because it can completely take you by surprise. In this case, we expected to see a tiny apartment with rooms that are so small to be comfortable. Instead, we found this space which is not only very bright and open but also very inviting.

Although the rooms are small, they don’t seem tiny. The kitchen is actually spacious. It includes a dining space and it has a very clean, elegant and practical design. The black and white combination is timeless and always beautiful and here it works well with the overall simplicity of the interior. The natural wood adds charm to the décor.

The bedroom is particularly interesting because it has a glass wall which lets you see inside the adjacent space which seems to be a dressing area. The simplicity of the bedroom’s interior décor is complemented by the rich pattern seen through the glass partition. In the bedroom, the walls are white in order to make the space seem larger and more airy, especially since there’s only one window in the room. The same black and white combination seen in the kitchen was also used in the bathroom which is tiny but still functional.

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