Six Interesting Seating Areas

Six Interesting Seating Areas

Forget your trusted sofa and kitchen counter barstools: here are some fun and easy seating areas you can establish in your home. A world of new seating options awaits, and the bonus is that they are also fashion-forward décor styles. Read on for some inspiration.

Get Benched.

Benches are an easy way to create various looks in your home décor, from a vintage café feel to something more rustic. Benches don’t have to make you think of re-used wood from the garage (although that can be stylish, too!) but they can be upholstered in stylish materials to create a more sophisticated or traditional look.

Hang Ten.

Hanging a chair or two in your home is very trendy, plus it utilizes your space more effectively, giving you room on the floor for other pieces of furniture or storage options. Hanging chairs are not only fun for the children’s rooms: they can be used anywhere in the house for creative seating choices.

Window Seats.

Use that glorious space underneath windows to create an impromptu and beautiful seating area! This option opens up the room and can be a stylish spot. Don’t create too many window seats, though, as that could make them lose appeal. One or two can be much more effective. Design them in line with your décor theme to pull together a room’s style.

Take a Seat in the Shower.

You might not think of taking a seat in the shower, but why not? This turns your bathroom into a sanctuary, giving you the chance to achieve a bit of rest and relaxation when you clean up after a busy day. Even if you don’t use the area to sit, its curvature looks appealing from a décor point of view.

Swing into it!

Swings might make you think of pretty porches, but they can also be used inside the home for innovative seating options. A swing in the living area, for instance, can make the room artistic and more inviting. Shelved Seating.

Who says a shelf or cabinet that contains ‘steps’ is just for storing your important items or installing drawers? It can be turned into a seating area. Add some cushions to make it more comfortable. The cabinet, as seen above, is a great addition to one’s living space because it is one piece of furniture that achieves two tasks: providing impromptu seating while being used as a traditional cabinet.