Simple DIY crafts to reinvent your wardrobe

Simple DIY crafts to reinvent your wardrobe

If you ever get bored with an item from your wardrobe or with an accessory, an easy solution can be to give it a quick makeover and to simply add a little spark to the way it looks. Also, if you’re certain you’ll never wear that item again, don’t just throw it away. You can repurpose it and use it for all sorts of crafts. For example:

These lovely storage bins are made from an old pair of jeans. Use the legs of the jeans. Measure and cut out a piece and then cut out 2 side bin pieces of lining fabric and 2 pieces of batting. Cut a circle out of lining fabric, batting and denim for the bottom of the bin. Sew the pieces together and add the decorative elements.{found on makezine}.

You most certainly have a bag that could use a new handle. You must also have an old leather belt that you no longer use. The two could work together wonderfully. Cut off the belt buckle. If you need to, punch some more holes in the belt. Then attach it to the bag and make sure you also put a little piece of leather on the inside to make it secure.{found on anmutig}.

If you have a shirt you think could use a small makeover, you could spruce it up with an embroidered collar. It’s actually very simple. Sew a few small beads or pearls to the collar and the cuffs. A trick for hiding the thread so you can’t see it on the other side is to lose it in between the two layers of fabric.{found on site}.

Polka dots are very fashionable so you can definitely use them in all sorts of projects. For example, here’s how you can add a little color and spark to a sweater. Fuse interfacing to vinyl following the directions on the package and then trace circles with a pencil. Cut out the circles, peel off the paper and iron the vinyl onto the sweater.{found on homeheartcraft}.