Simple DIY Bracelet Ideas

Simple DIY Bracelet Ideas

Summer is the perfect season for displaying your favorite jewelry. Of course, it’s more fun to do this when you’ve actually made it yourself. I’m sure you’re tires of hearing about how you can make your own bracelets and there are thousands of ideas on the internet. But these ones are actually simple and I actually like them all.

DIY braided bracelet.

Let’s start with this braided bracelet. To make it you need scissors, tape, a pair of pliers and clear nail polish. These are items everyone usually has in their home. Take a piece of cord and thread it through a button, pull the button to the center and fold in half. Then start braiding. Slide a bead onto the end of the cords when you’re done and make a loop.{found on forthemakers}.

Ribbon bangle.

For this design you need scissors and ribbon to wrap around the bangle. Tie a loose knot, slide the rhinestone into the channel and tighten. Start wrapping and tie a small bow when you’re done. Trim the excess ribbon and enjoy.{found on forthemakers}.

Another simple bracelet.

This bracelet is also easy to make. The materials needed are silver wire, clasp, silver crimp and pliers. Cut 8 wire pieces and fix it with brads on the clasp. Attach them to form a trellis shape. Stretch on the side and then attach the wire with a ring.{found on ohoh}.

Sea stone bracelet.

This is a sea stone bracelet for those that want to take something with them when their vacation ends. To make it you need a sea stone, a wood bead, color, a paint brush, scissors, leather cord and clear tape. Make 2 holes in the stone. Then make a pattern using tape and paint the stone. Slide the leather cord in the holes and make a few knots. The bead will be added at one end.{found on site}.

Bra strap bracelet.

This lovely bracelet is actually made from a bra strap. So the things you’ll need include a bra, scissors, a needle, thread, buttons and beads. Cut the strap and sew the end of the strap down after you have measured it. You can also sew a button or bead on as well.{found on site}.

Plastic bracelet.

Making this customized bracelet will take no more than 10 minutes. Start with a plastic bracelet. Then take a lycra sock, put the bracelet in and cut a portion. Join the two parts and sew them together. Turn the seam to the inside and you’re done.{found on ohoh}.