Silk Wedding Gowns With Metallic Embellishments Now Available In The Muse Collection

Silk Wedding Gowns With Metallic Embellishments Now Available In The Muse Collection

Although I never really liked silk dresses I’m always open to new experiences and every once in a while a collection like this one manages to surprise me. This is the Muse collection designed by Johanna Johnson. The collection is available in stores from Dec 1, 2013.

As we’ve mentioned, the collection features silk wedding gowns which are not the usual choice. They’re very different from the tulle dresses which make brides look like princesses. These are meant to emphasize the curves of their body and to accentuate their silhouettes. Also, they’re a little more sophisticated and elegant. Although the dresses may look very simple and mundane, they stand out in subtle ways. The embellishments which accompany them definitely play an important role.

The designer created an art-deco inspired collection and she manages to elevate the dresses to a whole new level. Her metallic silk designs are bohemian and they also have a modern appeal. The designs of the dresses were inspired by the architecture of New York city. The designer took elements from structures such as the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building and translated them into unique and elegant lines on these dresses. There’s something very strange about this collection. On one hand, it proposes a type of fabric which is not very popular in wedding gowns but, on the other hand, the designs are not bad at all and this makes the dresses look very intriguing.

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