Side swept bangs hairstyles for 2018

Side swept bangs hairstyles for 2018

Side sweeping bangs are forever trendy. They work for every face shape and hair structure. Regardless of whether you choose thin or thick bangs, they will improve your haircut and hairstyle. Below I have some cute hairstyles with side pony selected for 2018. The styles come from the most popular hairstylists on Instagram. Check it for a better idea.

Side swept pangs and light brown hair color

Start your winter holiday with slightly lighter hair colors. It’s a great option for ladies who need some dimension and lightness, but do not want to look too bright blonde. This shade is tan rather than blond. It looks good due to a medium length haircut that requires a center parting and sweeps the pony aside. It’s a free hairstyle for those with oval faces. Page swept pony Short bob and slightly side swept pony

Well, you can not go wrong with a short bob paired with a shorter pony. These pony skins are not completely turned aside, but they are still out of the face. The part of the forehead is still visible. It is not necessary to get fat bangs as the skinny ones are cool too. Ask your hair colorist for highlights. Short bob and slightly bowed pony Side swept pony

When it comes to side-swept hairstyles, the ideas are countless. Below you can see a medium-length haircut, which is spiced up with fringes. The fringes are completely wiped to the side, while the other locks are hidden behind the ear. Short layers work well as long fringes, if you have short layers, use them as a long pony. Be inspired by the look shown here. Side Swept Fringe Structured Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Aside from a visual interest, side-swept bangs tend to frame the face as well. Here is a structured hairstyle that is combined with Side Pony. The key to this look is longer pony and hair highlights applied in the strands. It’s an effortless style for those with naturally curly hair. Structured Hairstyle with Side Bangs Blonde hair color and short bangs

These pony shapes are thinner and shorter compared to previous bang styles. They are styled from the face to avoid disturbing strands. Apart from that, the tresses also have a rich blonde hair color that spice things up and give the look a refined touch. If the color is not yours, then adopt the pony, since they also work pretty well with brunette locks. Blonde hair color and short pony