Show Off Your Talent And Style With A DIY Scarf. 10 Chic Ideas

Show Off Your Talent And Style With A DIY Scarf. 10 Chic Ideas

The scarf can often be the star of an outfit. It’s the element that keeps everything together and it can be a great accent feature. This means that it’s also an opportunity for you to impress and to be original. You can make your own scarves and it’s actually not that difficult. Here are 10 ideas you might want to use for your next project.

Abstract printed scarf.

For this scarf you can combine fun with style. Take a piece of fabric, put some fabric paint in a plate and let your kid play with toy cars, creating a unique pattern for your new scarf. This way you’ll also always have something that reminds you of your little one.{found on rhythmofthehome}.

Kita style.

This scarf is incredibly easy to make. It’s just a rectangular piece of jersey knit with a twist. It doesn’t fray so it’s easy to work with and the two circles you create allow you to also use the scarf as a cowl, headband, shawl, etc.{found on makeithandmade}.

DIY T-shirt Infinity Scarf.

This is a scarf that requires no sewing. All you need is an old shirt and a pair of scissors. Snip the shirt under the arm hole and tear it across. The fabric will curl on itself and you’ll get a nice infinity scarf.{found on madiganmade}.

Fabric printing.

A cute or funny print often makes a scarf stand out more. So draw a shape on an eraser, cut it out and apply fabric paint on it with a tiny brush. Transfer the painted shape onto the fabric, like a stamp. Perfect the shape with a tiny brush and let it dry.{found on lanared}.

Braided scarf with old t-shirts.

An old t-shirt is more than enough for you to make a great scarf. If you want, you can use more than one, preferably in different colors or shades. Cut thin strips of fabric and then start braiding them. When you reach the end, sew each strip together with its other end.{found on ohoh}.

Checked shirt scarf.

If you have two or more types of fabric that you really like, you can combine them into a beautiful scarf. Sew the pieces of fabric together to form a rectangle. Then you can also add studs at one end for a little extra sparkle.{found on rockmosaic}.

No-Sew T Shirt Scarf.

Here’s another way of reusing an old shirt. Cut the shirt under the arm holes and then apply a few dots of paint on the fabric. Then cut the fabric again. Start on one side, curve towards the middle and cut all the way around the loop. Tie a double knot and that’s all.{found on shrimpsaladcircus}.

Buttons scarf.

A regular scarf can also be upcycled into an infinity one with buttons. Layer the ends of the scarf together and line buttons along the overlapped seam. Sew the buttons onto the seam of the scarf and your new scarf is done.{found on sheknows}.

Bufanda scarf.

This project takes a little more time to complete. First cut a t-shirt under the sleeves and then cut fringes where you made the initial cut. Stretch down each one to elongate them, join them two by two and tie knots. Repeat the process.{found on planb}.

Infinity scarf.

To make this scarf, cut 2 pieces of suede and 2 matching pieces out of lining fabric. Sew the suede pieces together and do the same with the lining fabric. Then sew the suede and the fabric together and leave a small opening to turn the scarf right side out.{found on rockmosaic}.