Shaved Head Hairstyles Trendy 2018

Shaved Head Hairstyles Trendy 2018

Attention, ladies, a new hair trend is coming! Or is it already in here? Or rather, the absence of hair trend? Well, all the excitement came with model and artist Cara Delevingne, who suddenly changed her hairstyles. From her beautiful Bronde mane, she went chin-length and platinum blonde. Actually, this can easily be explained due to the Bob-cuts trend. But when Cara decided to become a fairy, we all felt so focused on something big. A few weeks later, we faced a brand new style – Buzz Cut Hairstyles 2018 , In the case of Cara, of course, I would call it an absolutely shaved head. Anyway, many celebrities now and then go to this extreme length, some even as a lifestyle.

Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles 2018

Obviously, there is something special in these Celebrity hairstyles , They are brave, they allow you to express yourself. Some consider them rather manly, but looking through the pictures below, one can not believe that Buzz cuts are coll and feminine.

Shaved head celebrities

Jessie J shaved head hairstyles in 2018 Halsey shaved head hairstyles 2018 19659009] Cara Delevingne buzz cut hairstyles 2018

The general public opinion and the social environment have repeatedly made us believe that a girl, a lady, should get long hair. That makes her beautiful and attractive. Despite these stereotypes, tank quality, some modern celebrities break the rules and show that beauty has no rules. Fully shaven headdresses are a good example to challenge public opinion. In addition, the appearance of Cara on the red carpet lately has brought with it another trend: silver hair spray. Once she appeared at the Met Gala with silver pixie, the other time she was a geometric shape on the name, again in silver color.

Blonde Buzz Cut Hairstyles 2018

paula-van-oppen-buzz-cut-hairstyles -2018

jazmina daniel buzz cut hairstyles 2018

Amber Rose buzz cut hairstyles 2018 Kristen Stewart's buzz cut hairstyles

It would be absolutely to the point to discuss the hair colors that cut women with crop and buzz Hairstyles 2018 would like to say goodbye. Mainly they are blonde shades, more often around platinum blonde. Actually, there is no reason why women choose this color, it just looks cool.

Various curious cuts

Mena Suvari buzz cut hairstyles 2018 LUPITA NYONG'O buzz cut hairstyles 2018 Charlize Theron buzz cut hairstyles 2018

Some actresses are forced to change hairstyles for some important role as Charlize Theron. She was absolutely cut off for Mad Max movie. Others just love it. Another variation of buzz cuts is the short afro hairstyles for black women , They have become very popular lately. Actress Lupita Nyong’o is one of the ladies who has the ability to wear the same shortcut in dozens of ways.