Sculptural House On Stilts That Can Be Installed Anywhere

Sculptural House On Stilts That Can Be Installed Anywhere

One of the most difficult things you have to do before actually getting to build your own house is finding a suitable terrain. Often, the area where you would like to relocate presents problems. But if those problems have to do with the uneven terrain or anything else related to the geometry of the site, there’s a very simple solution that Benoit Chandall found: a house on stilts.

This is the Roost House. It’s a very interesting and unusual house mostly because it sits high above the ground. The architect chose this design in order to come up with the most versatile house design. This is a house that can be installed anywhere, regardless of the terrain and the challenges it would normally present.

You don’t have to worry about anything. Just find a spot with great views and anything else you want to have near your home and that’s all.

The design of the Roost House is sculptural and also sustainable. The home is clad with planks of sustainable timber and it has floor-to-ceiling window walls that bring in all the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape as well as lots of light. The multi-level structure would be a perfect holiday home, particularly suitable for difficult sites like in the mountains or swamp areas.

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