Ryan Gosling haircut

Ryan Gosling haircut

Ryan Gosling’s haircut has made this celebrity famous for his cool, yet elegant hairstyle. In fact, Goslings hair is so versatile that the girl’s head could easily pull off short and long hair. After all, Ryan Gosling has become one of the leading men in Hollywood with a handful of beloved roles over the past decade. The Canadian actor began his career in show business as a kid star at Disney and then quickly grew to more serious roles, drawing from his characters in Drive, The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love Popularity gained a number of other notable films.

Since his rise to fame, Gosling has been known for his liquid, dirty blond hairstyles. While he tends to keep his haircuts fairly simple, with his favorite style combing the side area, he still chooses the right styles to complement his face for an effortlessly sophisticated and attractive look. Let’s take a look at how to style your hair like Ryan Gosling!

Ryan Gosling haircut

Ryan Gosling haircut

Ryan Gosling’s haircuts are almost always accurate. From his sexy hairstyle in Crazy Stupid Love up to the way the actor gets his hair in thriller Drive styled, his distinct styles inspire men to their natural hair and use products that provide a textured finish. Here is our guide to Gosling’s hottest and shortest hairstyles over the years!

Best Ryan Gosling haircuts

Ryan Gosling Short Hair

In recent years, Gosling has created several variations of a short haircut. He plays with different parts and tapered cuts. Gosling has used his naturally smooth and lightly styled hair to his advantage. Short and buzzing on the sides, Gosling lets his hair grow a bit longer on his head for a more structured look that he can play with.

Ryan Gosling Short Hair - Crew Cut [19659002] Like a crew cut or Ivy League haircut, his style requires simple short hair that needs minimal attention. The slightly longer hair on top of the head gives more flexibility, which can be disheveled with a light touch of pomade or wax for a messy look or split for a cleaner feel and pushed aside.

Ryan Gosling Short Haircut - Side Part

Gosling’s short hair gives the end a modern class and sophistication that few other trendy styles offer.

Ryan Gosling Long Hair

One of the best known films of Goschlings roles, which urged him to the main popularity, was Noah in The notebook where he spun long, purposely ruffled hair and an unkempt beard that fainted the audience. It’s indeed Ryan Gosling’s long hair in this movie that catapulted him into pop culture, like the hot guy that women wanted and wanted to be the man. “Width =” 500 “height =” 500 “> Ryan Gosling Long Hair

While Gosling had an advantage. By having naturally smooth and straight hair, this look can be achieved by letting hair and beard grow out and then having the hairstyles layered around the face by a barber.

Ryan Gosling Long Hairstyle

The dingy Bad Boy look that Gosling portrayed in the film can be flattering on many face shapes, but requires regular cuts to keep the hair from becoming too long.

Ryan Gosling Hairstyle - Long Tapered Sides + Parted Top

Ryan Gosling Side Part Comb

Best on short hair, the comb over haircut is an easy way to clean up any look. Gosling wore this style to red-carpet and black-tie events as he upgraded his short-cut to a more sophisticated gentleman’s look.

Ryan Gosling Hair - comb over + beard

To achieve the classic side part or relaxed side swept hairstyle, use wax or pomade, depending on how free and flowing you want your hair to be. Then create a part by putting the longer hair on top of your head to one side for an instantly stylish aesthetic.

Ryan Gosling Hairstyle - Classic Side Swept Over Crest

Ryan Gosling’s beard

Ryan Gosling’s beard Maybe he did not put the actor on the map, but his gorgeous blonde facial hair certainly adds to his overall look. Men who want to copy Ryan Gosling with a beard just have to decide whether they want masculine stubble or full, thick facial hair. “Width =” 500 “height =” 500 “> Ryan Gosling's beard

Different beard shapes are obviously better suited for specific face shapes and hairstyles, so experiment to find out which combination suits you best. Remember that the key to growing your beard is a healthy lifestyle and patience.

Ryan Gosling full-face hair

Ryan Gosling’s hair care products

While there is no way to know for sure which hair products he uses, based on the way Gosling works his hair and the textured finish, we firmly believe that he uses wax or clay. Especially a light to medium hard product with little gloss or matte finish. Only then does the actor get a natural look that lasts the whole day.