Romantic French Braid Hairstyles

Romantic French Braid Hairstyles

France is one of the most romantic countries and everything that has to do with it and its culture is chic, stylish and charming, including hairstyles. Try a French braid if you want your hair to complement your bohemian look or if you want an elegant and classy image.



If you want something simple, casual, chic and sexy enough to turn a few heads, try a waterfall braid, a half up braid, a braided topsy tail or messy rope braids. The classical rope braid is also an option, not as eye-catching as the other options but still interesting nonetheless.

Classy and elegant.

If you want something a bit more classy, try an updo or a bun. The rope braid chignon is simple to make and has a bit of casual flair but it’s also a hairstyle you can adopt on a special occasion. The French braid bun is more put together and really classy. You can also try the fishtail updo, the boho crown braid or a simple bun with a braid tied around the base.

Playful and eye-catching.

A side braid can look really interesting if you have two-tone colored hair. But it would look interesting on your natural hair color as well. Want something more dramatic? Try a braided pompadour. That’s sure to turn some heads. The fishtail braid may not very complex but it’s definitely sophisticated and the four-strand braid always look playful and charming. You can also try a braided top knot which you can adapt to a variety of looks.