Romantic cascade bridal bouquets are gaining popularity

Romantic cascade bridal bouquets are gaining popularity

The flower bouquet is one of the most important accessories for a bride. Choosing the perfect one is hard work. First you have to decide on a style. Do you want a small bouquet or a big one? How about a cascade bouquet? Lately they have become quite popular, along with the trend of minimalist, one-flower bouquets.

Cascade bouquets are very romantic and elegant. They are more sophisticated than simple, small bouquets and they beautifully complement simple dresses. But before you choose to have such a bouquet, try to envision yourself with it while wearing your wedding dress. Cascade bouquets don’t look particularly great when they’re an accessory for very fluffy dresses. They look wonderful when paired with simpler designs and with mermaid wedding gowns, basically with any design which features your curves.

The length and size of a cascade bouquet can vary and you can customize it however you want. Usually, the bouquets feature a mix of flowers and colors of different sizes and species. A colorful bouquet is perfect for a simple dress and one with pastel colors and neutral shades are a nice choice for dresses with bold designs which stand out on their own.

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