Reveal Your Delicate Side With Floral Nail Designs

Reveal Your Delicate Side With Floral Nail Designs

You can actually tell a lot abut a person by analyzing her manicure. Maybe you haven’t thought about this until now, but the choices you make when you pick the design and colors reveal information about your character. A floral design, for example, is usually associated with a romantic, feminine type.

So if that’s a look that suites you, opt for delicate petals and pastel colors in general. Cherry blossoms look particularly beautiful but other designs can be just as romantic and lovely.

Of course, floral designs are not just for romantic types. There are plenty of ways in which you can adapt the idea to suit your own style and character. The colors you choose can define the design so, for example, if you opt for bold-colored flowers (in colors such for example) on a black backdrop then your manicure will look powerful and will stand out.

Then there are also other details to take into consideration. If you prefer a quirky look you can mix and match different colors, different types of flowers and shapes. Or if you genuinely like flowers and know a lot about them, you can take this concept to a whole new level.

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