Retro, Stacked, Spiral Perm Hairstyles And Other Quirky Ideas

Retro, Stacked, Spiral Perm Hairstyles And Other Quirky Ideas

There was a time when permed hair was all the rage. Maybe today the spiral perm hairstyles are not as popular as they used to be but this doesn’t make them any less interesting. In fact, did you know there lots of different types of permed hairstyles to choose from? Maybe there’s something in this list for you too. Have a look at these spiral perm pictures and more and find the style that best fits you.

The spiral perm.

We’ve already mentioned this type so let’s see what makes it special. Basically, this makes your hair look like a bunch of tiny and twisted cork screws. It’s the perfect style if you’re trying to get tight and bouncy curls.

The root perm.

With this type of perm you’ll add height to your hair at the very roots. It’s ideal for those who want to make limp and dead hair look revigorated and it’s perfect for short hair.

The stacked perm.

If you want to add volume to your hair and to create the illusion of layers then opt for a stacked perm. You’ll only be adding curls to the lower length of your hair. Needless to say it;s something to consider if you have long hair.

The multi-textured perm.

Try the multi-textured perm if you want something more natural-looking. It uses curling rods or two different sizes so the result will be a less defined look.