Purple Wedding Cake Ideas Designed To Mesmerize Your Guests

Purple Wedding Cake Ideas Designed To Mesmerize Your Guests

Both purple and violet have special meaning in terms of color psychology. For example, they both represent the future, the imagination and dreams and given these details they become inspiring options when choosing the color theme of the wedding cake. Although the look can be a bit unusual, a purple wedding cake can really impress.

Other meanings for violet and purple relate to the fact that they inspire unconditional love and encourage sensitivity and promote harmony. They relate to a world of fantasy and that’s why a purple wedding cake will look mysterious and exciting.

But let’s also discuss a few design ideas and ways to decorate a purple or violet wedding cake. If you decide to go with a floral theme, look for flowers that showcase these shades in nature such as certain species or orchids.

If you want to explore the fantasy-related element, try an ombre design or decorate the cake with delicate butterflies. Given how theatrical these colors can be, you can also adopt this theme and depict it on your wedding cake.

Of course, classical designs are not out of the question either. You can have an elegant wedding cake with purple ribbons or cascading flowers and it will look extraordinary, with a look somewhere in between traditional and modern.