Prevent Hair Damage Before It’s Too Late: Useful Tips

Prevent Hair Damage Before It’s Too Late: Useful Tips

Once your hair gets damaged it’s impossible to do it anything about it, no matter what the shampoo and conditioner bottles say. So take good care of your hair so you won’t regret it later. Sometimes things that seem harmless can have a bad impact on your hair. So what can we do? Well, it’s enough to pay attention to the big picture and to try to change your bad habits.

For example, don’t wash your hair too often. This can make the hair look dry because it removes its natural oils. So try to wash your hair two or three times a week and it should be enough. Use dry shampoo in between if necessary. Also, try to break the habit of putting your hair up in a towel after you wash it. Towels are too rough on your hair. You can use a cotton shirt instead.

It’s understandable to want to wear your hair up or in braids but this can damage the hair if you do it too often. Try to wear your hair loose and create a balance. We’re not saying you should give up buns and pony tails altogether.

Try to also pay attention to the quality of the hair tools you use. Invest in a good hair dryer instead of buying a cheap one. It doesn’t cost a fortune and you don’t buy such things every day so it’s worth the trouble.

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