Practical DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Practical DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Simply throwing all of your makeup things in a drawer is not a very good storage solution. It gets very hard to find the thing you need plus it’s impossible to be organized. The solution for the problem is simple: come up with a better system. We have some great ideas you can try.

Mason jar.

For example, use some empty jars. Clean them nicely, remove the labels and embellish them to make them look more pretty. Then store your makeup brushes and other things in them.{found on beautylish}.

Makeup brush storage.

You can also try this project. You need a sushi mat, elastic fabric band, yarn, a button and scissors. The project is very simple and it’s an excellent storage solution for the brushes.{found on cremedelacraft}.

Reuse candle jars.

Another idea is to repurpose candle jars. Remove the wax by placing the jars in the freezer, wipe them clean and then you can use them to store all sorts of small things. You can decorate the lid and make it look cute by gluing embellishments on it.{found on lifeannstyle}.

Nail polish.

Make a nail polish kit when you have some spare time and you’ll never have to worry about your nail polish getting lost in the bags again. Use some fabric, lining, three buttons, elastic and washi tape. Feel free to personalize the project.{found on site}.

Purse makeup storage.

A pencil case is excellent for storing makeup. So find one you like or, if you already have one, repurpose it. You can give it a makeover and maybe add some color to it if you like.{found on officeworks}.


Here’s another ingenious idea: repurpose a China dish. First of all, give it a makeover. Use tape, liquid gilding, a paint brush, alcohol and cotton balls. Clean the dish, tape off an area and then apply a layer of gilding. Let it dry and apply more layers. Remove the tape.[found on alexandrahedin}.

Leather brush holder.

You can make an excellent makeup brush holder using a piece of leather. Find the center at one end of the leather and make a tiny hole. Knot the cord and pull it through. Then cut small slits on top of each other, leaving small spaces between each one. Insert the brushes.{found on henryhappened}.


A piece of scrap wood can be very useful sometimes. For example, you can use it to make a makeup brush holder. Stain the wood, add some decorative L brackets and make holes for the brushes.{found on houseofearnest}.


Something as simple as a tray can be perfect for storing and displaying makeup supplies. But first make the tray look good. Just paint some polka dots and make a nice pattern. Use a sharpie. You could also use tape to decorate the tray or paint.{found on forchicsake}.